Establishment R’s Said Upset With President

Politico, often referred to as the mouthpiece for the most extreme faction of the American left, says the Republican establishment is upset with President Donald J. Trump for making a deal for Harvey relief with the Democrats.

Perhaps they are. but so far as I can see, the Republican establishment leadership was doing what the Republican establishment leadership has all too often done lately. Nothing worth mentioning.

Here we are desperately in need of CCW reciprocity, Federal preemption of restrictive gun laws, more and better trained police, universal gun safety training for small children, and the only thing that is being done is stooge around and to give Soros, Bloomberg, and the other billionaires backing gun confiscation time to put blocking strategies in place.

If the Democrats were not so utterly and universally bad, the Establishment would have been out on their ear long ago.

We cannot afford to have Democrats in office, and it is hard to find anyone to primary an Establishment leader for fear of reprisal.

Fortunately, the wheels do turn, the mill does grind, and their time will also come. But first we bust get the ATTI Party with it’s gun ban and “borrow, print, tax, and blow” economic policies out of the way.


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