Election Day 2013 Is November 5th, Just 363 Days Away

OK, Enough with the long face already. Enough of us passed on our duty to go to the polls, so we lost. It’s just that simple.

Now, 2013 is not a Federal election year. But there are plenty of State and local elections in 2013. The best thing we can possibly do is mobilize our people. Check out each and every candidate’s positions on the issues; particularly First, Second, and Fourth Amendment issues; and get everyone on board to vote.

Critical State and local issues are voter fraud, expansion of gun rights; and the preservation of free political speech.

Vote fraud is one of the most serious political problems we have, with more than five million fraudulent votes cast in every Federal election since 2004.

We do not need office holders on any level, from township to State House, who would in any way surrender “one man-one vote.”

Nor do we need those who would destroy our Constitutional rights. We must vote those who hold those views out, and put in those who hold our rights and our freedoms dear.

And that means that on the local level we should have our slate of candidates ready to file as soon as filing for elective office is possible. That means that on the State level, we must have elected officials who are ready, willing, and able to pass and enforce laws prescribing severe penalties for vote fraud.

And that means at all levels of government, we must have people who believe in our Republic, and will uphold our Constitution. It is up to us. Because focusing on national elections and ignoring what is going on in our back yard enables those who would steal our country from us.


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