Eighteen Is Not Old Enough To Own A Rifle? The cut the draft at 21

A Florida sheriff, so descrbed, made the bold statement that 18 is nto old enough to own a rifle.

The LEO’s rant starts at about the 50 second mark, but watch it all:

In fairness, the LEO is probably as frustrated as virtually all Officers are over the fact that that law enforcement has no recoruse except a jail cell with no mental health professional attendance and no recourse except to turn those with broken minds back on the streets. But aht is a problem with an irresponsible legislature, not rights problem.

Won those issues 18 is old enough to be shipped to a war we have no actual interest in for the apparent purpose of becoming cannon fodder. And worse. Yet people will at least tacitly approve at sending what they describe as “mere babies,” to war – and deny them the right of free men to marry and protect self and family with an effective weapon. And obviously, I do not agree with the Officer on that point.

But I agree that if someone poses a risk to themselves and others, they should be taken in for evaluation. But that requres something that has been conspicuously missing for the last 31 years. Money.

Money to pay professionals to do a face to face evaluation, not a Skype interview. Enough money top provide facilities to hose those undergoing evaluation. Enough money to pay competent lawyers to fill out the forms to get those who are declared a hazard before a judge. Enough money to provide facilities and capacity enough to get the broken minds off the streets. And to observe each and every subject’s due process rights.

Change the gun laws? Well, there are many changes that have proven to lighten law enforcement’s burden the sheriff would violently object to. Here’s what relaxed gun laws have done to Florida’s gun laws and the sheriff should have UCR’s back to 1960 on file so he can verify this. The rest of us can verify Florida’s homicide numbers, here:

A Florida law enforcement professional should have no trouble interpreting the chart with Hollywood’s 1963 gun ban campaign reversing a decline in the violent crime and murder rates; the sickening rise in murder and crime as gun control progressed, the results of Marion Hammer’s 1987 “Concealed Carry Weapons” system and the long decline in crime tghat resulted, and the flattening of the curve as resistance to relaxed gun laws stiffened. And as Officers sat around the Waffle House mourning the 1980’s before Concealed Carry, when there was “Hardly any crime.”

Yes, our gun laws could stand change – copying the ones that work, instead of calling for the re-imposition of the ones that put Florid, the 149 other States and the District of Columbia into this dangerous mess.

Yes, it IS time for a redo of our gun laws. Starting with the repeal or preemption of those restrictive laws

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