“Early Weatherby Rifle”

Someone came by searching for “early weatherby rifle.”

I first became aware of Roy Weatherby’s rifles from a 1946 (?) series of articles in Outdoor Life. Jack O’Conner described the .300 Weatherby in glowing terms and described how to fire form .300 H&H Magnum ammunition to make .300 Weatherby cases. O’Conner was also impressed with the rifle’s recoil.

As I recall, the early Weatherby rifles were largely custom built on customers actions, with a very limited production of rifles built on the FN Mauser action starting in 1947 or ’48. FN’s Liege factory had suffered serious damage during WWII and was just getting back into limited production so the supply of actions was very limited.

I do not recall an asking price but it was understood that new Weatherbys were extremely expensive in a time when almost any hardware store would sell you a new Model 70 for $125, and the new Remington 721 and 722 series were in the $80.00 range.

As I recall, the asking price for the rare used Weatherby that showed up in a gun dealers showcase was about the same price as a new “shoebox Ford” in 1949, close to $2,000.


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