Dr. John Lott: Concealed Carry Reduces Violent Crime Rates

Writing for FOX News, Dr. John R. Lott corrects a Stamford prof, pointing out that concealed carry reduces crime rates.

Briefly quoting Dr. Lott’s article, linked a above:

Would you rely almost exclusively on trends in Hawaii to predict violent crime rates in Idaho, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Utah? Would you look at Illinois to predict changes in Louisiana and South Carolina? Illinois has a drastically difference crime landscape, with half of its violent crime occurring in Chicago.

The thought is hilarious, simply because hiwaii has some of the most repressive gun laws in the United States, with exactly the results one would expect from such restrictive gun laws./a>

The more restrictive gun laws became, the more violent crime there was, and is. You can see Hawaii’s gun control results in more detail, here.

U.S. Rate is in Blue, Arizona is in RED

Wwe recently concluded the first phase of a 50 State survey of gun laws and crime rates, once again demonstrating that tough gun laws leads to very much higher violent crime rates, while relaxing those laws sharply reduces the incidence of violent crime. Just as we see from Arizona, where any law abiding resident may carry in any way they choose, with a permit. Despite Arizona’s position on the main smuggling and human trafficking routes, relaxed gun laws have driven down violent crime rates almost every year since Arizona instituted a a License To Carry system, and then after the State abandoned the LTC system for Constitutional Carry.

So the bottom line is simple enough. More guns, particularly more guns carried, drive down crime rates.


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