“Don’t Buy For The Other Guy”

Very few gun dealers do not have this or a similar sign warning that buying a gun for a third party is illegal and can land you in extremely hot water:

Of course, people still “do favors for friends.” And people still wind up sentenced to years in prison for that crime. The latest to plead guilty to that crime is the guy who bought the guns used in the San Bernardino Children’s Party Massacre.

Briefly quoting the NewsMax report linked above:

The plea agreement between 25-year-old Enrique Marquez Jr. and prosecutors was accepted Thursday by a federal judge in Riverside, California.

The rest of the story is at the link, if you want more details. But prosecutors are all too willing to throw the book at a kind hearted type who “does a favor for a friend.”

As a general rule, if they are not living in your house and a close relative of yours, don’t. Better to be safe than in the slammer.


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