Does Yitzhak Asner Have Special Knowledge Of History?

Over the weekend 88 year old Yitzhak “Ed: Asner wrote an opinion item for the Progressive website Salon , asserting the United States was founded to promote gun control promote gun control, instead of freedome and gun rights.

As history, I hate to link to it, but honesty compels me to do so. In my opinion Mary Tyler Moore’s friend and fellow gun ban lobbyist has out-Michael-Bellesisles Michael Bellesisles.

Mr. Asner really should read the works of Dr. Joyce Lee Malcolm and other knowledgeable folk, as well as Sir William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Common Laws (the laws pertaining to the common folk, the Lords had their own codes) of England. Which were, bye the bye, the laws of the American Colonies of England.

As should anyone else suffering from that delusion.

In my opinion, the Salon item does no good for either the author or the webzine’s reputation. On the contrary, accidental or deliberate misstatement of fats sends reputations into a power dive into a swamp.

It has been a long time since fifth grade history for both Mr. Asner and myself. When commenting on what I learned 1in 1940 and ’41 I try to check my “points” with a real history book. Should Mr. Asner decide to repeat his gun ban propaganda, I would sugest he emulate my practice.


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