“Does The Left Know Something’s Coming Involving Guns”

Writing at the American Thinker, Jeffery Folks asks if the “Left knows something’s coming involving guns?”

The left has known that for years. Back wen I was sticking my own head up, looking around to make a career choice, the “Progressives” had their own “gun club s.” Members of Communist and Fascist front groups were required to on at lest one gun and one b ox of ammunition.

They never seemed to go to the range, and I knwo more than Mr. “I bin a gun club member since ’28” did about guns, as he proudly displayed his Eddystone 30/06 and box of .30 Gov’t ammo, but he was a gun club member!

Latger,in the late 1950’s when jobs for B lack workers b egan to dry up,the Socialistas ran into problems when they tried to convince the unemployed they should join the “Red LEgion,” whatever that was.

And from time to time some lefty has tried to get his boys and girls to arm themselves so they can “Participate in the Revolution.” The one that’s coming just any day now.”

They have not had much luck with any of that, and their attempts to confiscate guns have largely been unsuccessful,so yes,the left knows something is coming with guns. And if they continue trying to steal our guns under color of law, it is likely to be another anti-gun-control party like Lexington and Concord, with the lefty’s looking at the business end of an AR-15. Or a Remington 870,Mossb erg 500, or a Winchester 94.

I am reasonably certain Chucky Schumer knows something is up with guns, that’s why he hs been softening his stance on gun rights to”The people have gun rights but no right to exercise those rights.” Che,how munificent!

But a variety of factors, including he remarkable number of almost identical bills introduced in Congress, he most intense gun ban campaign since 1968, the amount of money b eing poured into propagandizing for gun b ans, and other factors convince me the far left,which includes every Democratic member of Congress, is terrified that 2018 will open the floodgates to intelligent gun laws aimed at cutting crime rates instead of disarming the law abiding.

This may may be the iur last chance at revolution – and they are getting desperate.


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