Do ye need a sporran? Looks Like Michael has what you need

I bought one of Michael’s first holsters, wear it several times a week, adn I cannot find a mark or worn spot on it.

The othe holsters, including the one for the N Fram Smiths, are equally pristine. They look quality – and generally get an appreciative smile from normally suspicious Police Officers when it is too much trouble to undress to fill up the gas tank.

I am also wearing one of Michael’s belts, which the liner of which a good dose of saddle soap and elbow grease but is going on several years of abusive use.

Now, contemplating a gun purchase, I clicked on the link on the right, and – my word! That appears to be a fine leather sporran. While the pipes have a name for bad music at funerals, they sound pretty good when someone plays a chun on one. I am tempted to dig out the pipes and see how much I have forgotten.

hey, i9f you need a holster or related leather item, here’s the link. Top quality artisan built work is never cheap – but replacing a belt or holster every few months is not cheap either.

And, like all the product links here at the Alley, I bought the products with my own money, paid full price, and I’m happy. And happy to say so.


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2 Responses to Do ye need a sporran? Looks Like Michael has what you need

  1. Wu Chang says:

    Nae sporran needed laddie

    but I could use a good belt for the Milt Sparks and a wee dram of The Macallan wouldna hurt

  2. Stranger says:

    No, a sporran is not needed, but a leather pocket sure would be a handy place to hide all the stuff that eats pockets. Usually on mornings I am running late and have to hunt down and pick up the Voyager knife and a couple of bucks of loose change.

    Michael’s belts are reasonable and the snapshot of the one I added ne is, I think eight years old. I had intended to post photos from 2008 or 09 but they seem to be on a hard drive that died a few years back.

    I will take some new pix and post them ASAP.




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