Dimmos Set To Shot The Government Down

FOX News has a picture of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chucky Schumer, purportedly plotting to shut the government down one more time.

The Anti-gun party;s calculation is that their complicit media will lie for them, just as they hae every time the Dims have shut down the government in the past.

But this time the people to get hurt will be the DREAMers, the Chilcrens Health Insureance Programs, and of course the Military. and some other key programs. Those media outlets not complete puppets of the Democrtic Socialists are likely to state their objections to a government shutdown quite forcefully.

Ad then there is a small matter of pulic opinion. Most Americans regard the media as a pack of well paid liars in the pocket of the far left. While a lot of people aaround DC still believe the Washington Post, FNHQDCm and CNN, few outside the Washington area believe anything the media says.

All in all, I suspect the Democrats have nothing to gain and everything to lose with this idiotic tactic.

And, as Napoleon reportedly said, “I never interfere when an enemy sets about defeating himself.” Which seems as good advice as we will get in this day when the billionaires are trying to buy our country.


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