Dimmocrat’s Gun Sting Fails

The gun ban lobbys, the Democrats, and the complicit media have a fixation about the most law abiding segment of American sociery, American gun owners. That crowd is convinced the only reason to buy a gun is to murder someone, so they are horrified at the thought of guns in the hands of private citizens.

since Dimmos are never wrong, they tisted arms until a total of 72 attempts were made to buy a gun illgally off an internt seller. A “study that was every bit as successful as the Democrat’s gun ban laws.

Thriving force behind the attempt to prove internet gun sellers to be crooks was driving by Slow Talking Lige, Elijah Cummings: Fauxahontas Warren and Hawaii’s Brian Schatz. All rabid gun haters of the first water.

As I reported, the study tried to buy 72 gns from internet ssellers, and failed 72 times. Which proved the Congress Critters are wroing about internet gun sellers.

while I will refrain from further comment I will observe that my dad often said that someone who accused someone of being involved in illegal activity before they get sold proof might as well be talking about themselves.


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