Dianne Feinstein’s New Career: Editorial Writer

U see USA Today has picked up an old enemy, Dianne Feinstein as an editorial writer.

Her pooint is that the students demanding gun control are correct, and we should have gun control at any const whatsoever.

Personally, I should think that the current situation, five trillion in direct econooomic coss over 58 years, more than 800,000 excess murders, untold grief and sufferring, more than $1tn in continuing damages and other costs would be enough for anyone, but Kid Dianne demands more.

More of laws that have about the same chance of beating their own history and doing something useful as a six foot rattlesnake has of slithering across I-1- at the Anaheim exit during Friday rush hour.

The kids might be right if they were pushing legislation with a chance of success – but raising the median age to buy a rifle to 21 when the median age of a mass killer is 44?

Banning an accessory that has never been used to help harm a human but is used in some of the shooting sports? How is that supposed to help? You miht as well ban jock straps.

And as far as tapping a politician who has spent a lifetime trying to ban guns as an editorial writer on guns shows very llittle respect for the canons of journalism.

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