Denver Post Prints Giron And Morse’ Ballot Statements

Two of the disgraceful Democrats who rubber stamped the DNC’s gun ban legislation last spring are facing recall elections early next month. The Denver Post has published Angela Giron and John Morse’ ballot statements telling why they think they should not be recalled and cast into the outer political darkness.

Among other claims, Morse says he should not be recalled because; briefly quoting the Denver Post report linked above:

John Morse has spent most of his life serving our community as a paramedic, police officer and Police Chief. He has firsthand experience treating gunshot victims on the streets of Colorado Springs and has been shot at himself.He led the fight to crack down on sexual predators and put them in prison where they belong. Join John in voting NO to protect our kids. Vote NO on felons and spouse abusers buying guns. Say NO to extremists. Vote NO on recalling John Morse because it is Better to be Safe than Sorry.

If John Morse had learned anything during his time “serving as a paramedic, police officer and Police Chief,” he should have learned the value of privately owned guns. Colorado’s Sheriff’s, who oppose the DNC program and Morse’s bills, certainly have. As have the Police Chiefs of most Colorado cities. So Morse is essentially saying “reelect me because I have learned nothing.”

The other Demo rubberstamp facing recall, Angela Giron, strays even further from the subject at hand when she says; again briefly quoting the Denver Post report linked above:

Angela is a champion of equal pay for equal work, and she defends women’s freedom to make their own health care decisions. Democrat Angela Giron has a proven record of fighting for our community with common-sense leadership and she will continue to be a champion for working families, children and our local economy.

The fact is simple enough. The shooting community has fought for civil rights for everyone for more than 140 years. Our record is proven, we are effective, and we work at it. Where Angela Giron gives civil rights the brush off in favor of “women’s issues” the shooting community works not only for gun rights but for informed actions to insure the economic health and welfare of every American and every Coloradan.

These Democrats are worthy representatives of that curious branch of the Democratic Party that operated under the “Know Nothing Party.” They know nothing except what the DNC tells them. And it is past time for them to go.

In addition, Coloradans should remember Morse and Giron’s new election law that allows Colorado residents to vote at any ‘voting center.’

I cannot find a decision on whether or not the Democrat’s election fraud enabling act will apply to this election but if it does, all Coloradans should vote in the recall. After all, all Coloradans have a stake in the increase in violent crime that has resulted from Morse and Giron’s irresponsible actions.


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One Response to Denver Post Prints Giron And Morse’ Ballot Statements

  1. cc99 says:

    Morse and Giron both need to go. They are guilty of crimes against those the promised to serve and they failed miserably in their oath to uphold the constitution.
    Both should be imprisoned for their dereliction.
    They voted their ‘agendas’ instead of voting for the rights of the good citizens.

    Gun Control and restrictions against the “Law-Abiding” citizenry will always benefit the ‘Violent-Criminals’ among us.

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