Democrats Logic

Here is Senator Diceky Durbin (ANTI-IL) exposing his great wisdom on the critical subjects of the day, such as the lead storm that makes life in Chicago downright hazardous to one’s health.

Biwm back in the 1950’s, when Chicago had hundreds of gun dealers, the “skunk cabbage patch was typical of American cities, with a homicide rate of about seven per 100,000 population, or approximately 250 murders a year. Which was not at all bad for a city of 3.7 million people. And then, in 1963 Hollywood started a big gun ban campaign to sae very violent programming they had “in the can.” And Chicago’s violent crime rate started i to climb. Five years later Illinois instituted a gun owner registration scheme, along with a permit to purhcase scheme, and the homicide rate started up even more rapidly, eventually topping out at

And, if yoiu look a bit further to the right, to 1982, you can see the effects of preventing the law abiding from defending themselves – while doing nothing to impede criminals access ti weaoibs, Followed by the results of taking the people who were keeping the gangs in check off the streets, starting a gang war.

so today, Chicago has lost a million people, has no gun shops, no target ranges, and is headed for 3,700 shootings and 800murders this year. In a city that should have 750 shootings and 100 murders this year.

There are other cities more violent than Chicago. Baltimore, for example. And all o fthem share a Democratic city administration and Democratic control of at lest one house of the State legislature. And all are losing population to places where a can defend themselves against criminal aggression.

But the idea that disrming the citizens will impede the criminals is Democratic logic, just like Baltimore’s and Chicago’s. The fact that restricting the law abiding has never reduced crime is heresy to Dicky Durbin and his ilk.

It is only “logical” that if there were no guns there would be no crime.” Democrtic logic, the same sort of logic those who print money in hopes of prosperity use.

Failure logic. And that is why we cannot afford to elect a Democrat to any position of responsibility.


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