Democrats Kick Off Registration Drive

Fox News reports the Democrats are kicking off a “massive voter registration drive” in Las Vegas.

Looking over the Fox report I cannot help thinking of the Democrats massive voter registration drive in 2008. They chartered hundreds of buses to bring people from as far as the District and Boston to registoer om Ohio.

According to contemporary reports they were taking advantage of Ohio law allowing people to register and vote in one pass. Out of Staters were paid for their trouble, and given a “utility bill” with a fake address before they registered. some of those addresses were across the Ohio river and miles into Kentucky.

And then there were all the late night vote surges from local authorities found enough votes to put Obama in office.

To me, based on history that goes back to the 1940’s, this is just another boost for the Democrat’s vote fraud machine.

But are you registered? Every gun owner should be a registered voter, and we should use our massive plurality in numbers to vote out the Democratic candidates – and the local election officials if they are Democrats.


To get ready for 2020 when the ANTI-gun party will poull out all the stops to unseat President Trump, who has been the best President we have had since Harry Truman.


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