Democrat Calls For Gun Confiscation

Th Washington Free Beacon Reports reports former Obama Wite House Advisor is calling for the Australian style confiscation program.

For those who have forgotten, Port Arthur, Tasmania police hauled in a hot headed collector named Martin Bryant for essentially having “having too many guns. The hot headed young man loaded up the guns the police had obligingly returned to him while he was still above red hot, and went shooting. When the Port Arthur massacre was over, 35 people were dead, an very many were wounded.

Prime Minister Hughes, who rant with gun control as a part of his platform, promptly order the confiscation of all self-loading and slied action or pennies on the dollar.

And as always is the case, crime went through the roof. The first city to report crime statistics, Perth, reported a near 0- percent increase in crime – and the Federal authorities in Canberra cracked down, forbidding the release of crime statistics except by Federally authori9zed agencies.

But even the number that the Australian government releases hint at the magnitude of the tragedy. A tagedy Democratic Partei adviser Dan Pfieffer and a majority of Democats in Congress want to repeat here.

Given the difference between Australian and American temperaments I would not be surprised by a forcible change of government should the ANTI-gun Partei try such a thing.

But consequences never seem to both the far left.

But right now, I will have more on Australia very shortly.


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