Delaware: Fierce Opposition To Gun Control

The Delaware State News, reporting on a town hall meeting in the State reports there is fierce resistance to gun control legislation.

Briefly quoting the Delaware State News r4eport linked above:

It took about 60 seconds to determine which way the crowd leaned.

It didn’t take much longer to make it clear how strongly it felt.

Most of the approximately 400 people attending a town hall meeting about gun violence Monday evening came to voice their opposition to several proposed gun control measures now in the General Assembly.

The rest of t Matt Bittle bylined report is at the link. click on over and be informed, the Alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, fierce opposition to laws that protect criminals, including a totalitarian government while putting citizen’s life in peril should meet fierce resistance. And those who sponsor and promulgate such laws should no be om a [psotopm pf authority over anyone.

So make sure to “bitterly oppose” both gun control legislation and gun control legislators at every opportunity. While it is a “bit of a far iece” from El Paso to Austin, if there is a gun ban rally in Austin, it would be good to have a counter protests in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Amarillo, and El Paso at the same time.

Because we have the facts, and the overwhelming majority of Americans can see the benefits of relaxed gun laws. The laws we should have, instead of the crime producing restrictions the gun ban industry wants to impose on us.


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