Deep Freeze In The Deep South

It is no secret that I was raised in snow country, where snow cover started before Thanksgiving and remained until March or early April. Zero F is not rally cold to someone who was riased expecting at least one twenty below blast but this morning’s official low of 17, 15 outside the city’s heat island, is crating a lot of comment here where, as the Cajun expression goes, “If we were any farther South we weould be sof’ shelled crabs.”

And the official prediciton of another full week in the deep froze, and the local weather expert’s estimation two more weeks of it, is causing plenty of comment. We will see what we shall see, but if we have two weeks of below 20 lows it will be the longest such stretch in over 100 years.

Back in Revolutionary times, Secretary of Sgtate Thomas Jefferson carried on a long time correspondence with a Natchez planter on the climate. The planter recorded a 1 day minimum of 17, in the depths of the Dalton Climate minimum, and we have already beaten that with colder predicted.

While the New Years Day readings are not yet posted, the images of Arctic sea ice hae been osted and teh ice certainly has not retreated from the 30 December image.

So we shall see what we shall see. According to the scientists who read the meters before they draw their curves – insead of drawing the curves and recording those as meter readings – we should get colder for another decade.

When I heard that I drw my own curves and bought some work clothes and a diwb vests, Given that a black work jacket will do for almost any occasion less formal than a black tie event and the down vests are comfortable under a dress shirt, I would suggest hitting the spring sales for an extra layer of winter wear. or two.

It is far better to have and not need than to need and not have, Particularly when the temperature is 5F and the 40MPH wind is off the North Pole.


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