Dana Loesch vs Bam lobby’s Watts

The Daily Mail reports Radio host, gun writer, and NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch will debate gun ban lobbyist Shannon Watts, who recently made headlines with disrespectful comments about our nation’s military.

Watts bio reports the “young Indiana mom” founded her gun ban lobbying network in 206, while media sources suggest Ms. Watts became a client of New York City’s former mayor and control freak Michael Bloomberg in early 2014.

Watts changed propaganda lines in 1013 to “Everytown against gun ban lobbying for laws that hae historically sent accidental gun injuries and violent crime rates soaring. The chart below shows the result of Everytown’s campaign highlighted in red:

You can confirm the numbers the chart is based on either FBI’s Fthe FBI’s Unifrom Crime REporting Pubications website,…

Or from from the Disaster Center’s convenient spreadsheets covering crime numbers and rates fomr 1960 to present, except for New York State.

Dana Loesch has in depth knowledge of the results of gun control, which is the critical point in determining whether or not restrictive gun laws provide a benefit to those citizens forced to live with the results.

For most such sufferers, the results have been nothing short of tragic, with 20h Century deaths from “murder by the victims government” reaching 262 million, and the total number of deaths enabled by “murder by government” Ocurrently estimated at 307 million.

On the other side of the table, Dana Loesch is well aware of the unspeakable results of gun control, and of the suffering endured by those who managed to escape a gun control regime.

The lady is knowledgeable, fluent, and not at all afraid of a hot microphone. If I have a criticism, Ms. Loesch has a tendency to stop talking when a pro-gun activist tries to talk over here, instead of stepping up the volume until the anti stops bawling like a calf on its first day of weaning.

An actual debate between Dana Loesch and Ms Watts is highly to be desired, and the faster the better.



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