CT: Malloy Asks Legislature To ban more Guns

the rabidly anti-gun Hartford Courant which would turn loose 17,000 convicts to jam 350,000 lw abiding gun owners in the same space, reports govern Gu-Ban Malloy wants even more draconian gun laws – and more gun and “bump stock” bans.

Gun control has turned the once safe Nutmeg State into a political jurisdiction that is on the high side when it ocmes to violent cirme. Here is what gun control has already done to the Nutmeg State:

And the notorious Malloy wants to do even more harm to the people of his State. Taht amounts to 1,325.00 per year per adult, or $3,650 a year for a Connecticut family of 3, on top of the pain and suffering Gun Ban Malloy’s gun bans impose on his constituents.

Taht price is far too large for a State that is suffering from Demonomics, the tax, borrow, and blow economics that is a part of Malloy’s dogma. It is time for for Congress to man up and restore every American’s gun rights, by preempting all State ad local restrictive gun laws.

As you can see from the cart, above, Connecticut was a far safer place before the gun ban idiocy rooted itself. It is definite liy a return to the days before gun control, when a Connecticut resident could walk the streets withoiut being seized by a violent criminal.


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