? Could That Really Be The Reason?

WGN reports Chris Kennedy, who is running for Illinois Governor, has accused Chicago mayor and Combine boss Rahm Emanuel of trying to clear Black Chicago residents out so Emanuel’s rich friends can buy up real estate in form Black neighobrhoods cheap

The story is at the link and the alley will be here when you click back.

For my part, I know of nothing to contradict the accusation that Emanuel is tyring to “gentrify Chicago,” in order to profit the rich and influential friends he made during his stint as a stock broker.

While my news of Chicago largely comes from word of mouth, what little I know could be confirmation of the theory. Particularly when I hear Chicago’s gang banners have been heading out to Milwaukee, St. Louis, Louisville, and other places near and far.

Everywhere comes out and “Everything comes to he who waits.” What is going on will come out, including who profits most, so I think I will sit back and listen.


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