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177 Responses to Contact

  1. wuchang says:

    The Progress Party’s justice policy spokesman, Ulf Isak Leirstein (pictured), told Dagbladet that this significant drop in reported crime is partly because they have deported nearly 10,000 criminal immigrants under the current government.

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks, WuChang. Been a long day so your help is doubly appreciated.


  3. wuchang says:

    Robbery Suspect Allegedly Points Shotgun at Barber, Gets Shot Multiple Times

  4. Stranger says:

    Thanks again, WuChang. There is a greater than 0:1 probability the perp is an illegal, here one jump ahead of a posse, who hopefully learned a lesson.


  5. wuchang says:

    Venezuela is about out of money

    This what the Dems have in mind for the USA– Maduro certainly does not not look like he has missed any meals– unlike the peons

  6. wuchang says:

    More like a summary of Venezuela and ties to Hezbollah and other radical islamist groups– money laundering, drug trafficking and issuing passports

    bad mojo– very bad mojo

  7. Stranger says:

    Thanks, WuChang. That link made a main page post, along with the Council on foreign relations They are much appreciated.

  8. wuchang says:

    Article about the increase in CCW in Chicago….of all places per Breitbar

  9. Stranger says:

    Thanks, WuChang. Your links are a big help in keeping some variety in the posts, and I appreciate all the help you give me.


  10. wuchang says:

    This pretty well puts the kibosh on gun control keeping guns out of criminals hands

    Breitbart reports

    Australia Takes Aim at Guns, Again, After Confiscation Scheme Fails to Disarm Criminals

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