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  1. wuchang says:

    This may be of interest–
    Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data

  2. wuchang says:

    This tome backs up the research you have done re gun ownership
    Guns and Violence: The English Experience

    summary per the editor

    Behind the passionate debate over gun control and armed crime lurk assumptions about the link between guns and violence. Indeed, the belief that more guns in private hands means higher rates of armed crime underlies most modern gun control legislation. But are these assumptions valid?

    Investigating the complex and controversial issue of the real relationship between guns and violence, Joyce Lee Malcolm presents an incisive, thoroughly researched historical study of England, whose strict gun laws and low rates of violent crime are often cited as proof that gun control works. To place the private ownership of guns in context, Malcolm offers a wide-ranging examination of English society from the Middle Ages to the late twentieth century, analyzing changing attitudes toward crime and punishment, the impact of war, economic shifts, and contrasting legal codes on violence. She looks at the level of armed crime in England before its modern restrictive gun legislation, the limitations that gun laws have imposed, and whether those measures have succeeded in reducing the rate of armed crime.

    Malcolm also offers a revealing comparison of the experience in England experience with that in the modern United States. Today Americans own some 200 million guns and have seen eight consecutive years of declining violence, while the English–prohibited from carrying weapons and limited in their right to self-defense have suffered a dramatic increase in rates of violent crime.

    This timely and thought-provoking book takes a crucial step in illuminating the actual relationship between guns and violence in modern society.

  3. Stranger says:

    Thanks, WuChang. One copy is on order, and will go to the local library when I finish reading it. Thanks for the link, I definitely appreciate all the help, and data, I can get.


  4. Stranger says:

    Thanks, WuChang, I added comment and moved it to the main page. And as usual, all help is appreciated.


  5. wuchang says:

    Breitbart reports

    H. Sterling Burnett: Climategate Redux! NOAA Scientists Fudge, Lose Data

  6. Stranger says:

    Thanks, WuChang. The Breitbart report made the reference for another climate related post. Thanks for the help, I appreciate all the help I get.


  7. wuchang says:

    You might see if the Scanner Brigade can confirm this but it is Chicago or Chiraq as some call it– so it would not be something that would be dismissed out of hand

  8. wuchang says:

    Officers shot in Houston

    Houston Chronicle
    Houston PD: Burglar shot 2 officers; manhunt ongoing

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