Connecticut: Waterbury Chief Halts Gun Shows

Fox News reports Waterbury Police Superintendent Michael Gugliotti has banned gun shows, ostensibly as a result of the Sandy Hook School massacre.

Gugliotti has made several anti-gun statements in the past, so his “moratorium” should surprise no one. The area has been blanketed with false and malicious anti-gun propaganda for almost a half century, so Chief Gugliotti’s attitude is understandable. But a man with responsibilities should at least seek out the facts before he acts. Sadly, it seems we must mark another police chief down as uninformed. As uninformed as someone who has never seen an FBI Uniform Crime Report.

If Gugliotti wanted to do something useful, he could help put an end to the “gun free zones” that are no more than magnets for active killers. Instead, he has chosen to do “something” – utterly counterproductive.


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