Congressman Shot, Wounded, 50 Shots Fired

UPDATE III The shooter in this tragedy was has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson, a Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter, who apparently has had a serous hate for President Donald J. Trump and Republicans since 2014.

If there is any connection between Hodgkinson and any other group it has not been mentioned, and since the shooter is dead, if there is a connection it is likely to remain undiscovered. [end]

UPDATE II President Donald J. Trump reports Congressman Steve Scalese has been gregariously wounded but will make a full recovery. Let us prat that is the case. And late reports have it that a fifth wounded person, a Congressional aide, was transported to hospital in addition to the four previously reported. [end]

UPDATE There were four victims in this shooting, Congressman Steve Scalese pR-LA] who seems to have been the intended victim, two Officers working security, and the shooter. At lat report, all were in hospital, expected to survive.

Reports have it that the shooter asked a departing Congressman if those were Republicans or Democrats on the field. Told they were Republicans, the man, presumed to be the shooter, ambled to a point behind second base. Congressman Scalese was standing near first base, according to reports, when he was shot. Estimates of shots fired range from 30 to 100.

I will report more as I have it, but the gun control fanatics are already hitting the airwaves and cable outlets. {end]

Metro reports Congressman Steve Scalese has been shot and wounded at a a baseball stadium in Alexandria Virginia.

Briefly quoting the Metro (DC) report linked abov e:

Steve Scalise, majority whip, is said to be among those who have been shot.

The shooting happened in Alexandra, Virginia, this morning, according to reports.

The shooting happened in East Monroe Street, Del Ray, close to a YMCA, police tweeted at 7.30am local time (12.30pm GMT).

Many of us have wondered wheter or not those funding the current gun ban campaign would stoop to firing a few bullets in a Congressman’s direction, and this “untoward event” is at least highly suspicious.

We shall see what we shall see, and I will report further when more definite information is available. B ut for the time being it should be all hands on the telephones, he banners have shot a high ranking Congressman.


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  1. Wu Chang says:

    St Louis Post-Dispatch reports shooter from St Louis area

    Top House GOP leader shot at congressional baseball practice; suspect identified as Belleville man

  2. Stranger says:

    Thanks, WuChang. I keep getting more news on that so I will look at again when more is settled.


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