Congressional ANTI’s Say Get Rid Of Confederate Statues

I se by the Daily Mail that Congressional Democrats in Congress want to get rid of all Confederacy linked statues in Congress.

It is Congress right to do that if they wish to do so, but the ANTI’s sould realize that if you expunge hisotry, you will soon lose any respect your people’s history earns you.

Further, in many cases, removing a statue without considering all the facts about the prson honored often diminishes yourself. The DM report linked above specifically mentions the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

Davis, one of the many who came down on the Cofederate side on principal, had a large plantation at Port Gibson, Mississippi. some thirty miles of unspeakably bad road south of Vicksburg. After the Confederacy was hisory and Davis was living at in what is now Gulfport, he earned money the same way Hillary Rodham does,by giving speeches.

Davis was scheduled to give a speech urging forgivnes and loyalty to the Union in Vicksburg during a “seige of wet weather” that turned horrible road into near impassable road. Yet Davis former slaves loaded in horse drawn wagons and made tht trip to greet Mr. Davis and shake his hand.

History has many more examples of the mutual friendship of former masters and former slaves, yet thoughtless men would take down the memorials tp tjpswe who fought to bring the freedmen to full equality?

Not while there is a shred of justice in this world.


NB: I first heard the Davis account from one of the former slaves it has been my pleasure to talk to,and later had the report confirmed by a Tugaloo college professor.


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