Complicit Media Struggling To Blame Trump For Shutdown

Over at Politico, who worked log hours to earn its Obama’s Typewriter nickname, reports the media is really struggling to blame Trump for the latest government “shutdown.”

I doubt that they are struggling to blame Trump, they blame President Donald J. Trump for their mama’s hangnail and anything else amiss in their world. They just have touble cooking up a lie big enough to be credible.

After all, if Chucky Pelosi and Nancy Schumer had paid attention to business the immigration mess would have been fixed last August, the budget enacted in September, and the rest of the mess they created rejected in October. Instead, they cchose to play obstructionist, it is January, and tomorrow will be the third day of the “shutdown.”

fortunately, there is a solution to the problem. Vote ’em out. And if they won’t go, get the tar pots hot, the feathers bagged and ready, and the oak fence rails stacked, so we can ride them out of town.


NB: The “tar” is actually pine tar, with a low melting pint. It is not hot enough to scald but it is difficult to remove

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