Comcast Claims Geography Hinders Gun Bans

Evidently, some writer at Comcast failed third grade geography. He or she blames the failure of gun control to take off in the US on geography.

Actually, gun control has failed to take off because we tend tended to know our history better than the rest of the world. Even back in the 1960, when the gun banners were driving people into the Socialist gun control trap like drovers drive cattle, enough of us knew the history of gun control to turn back the “send the army to confiscate” laws that were so common in that era.

Now, when anyone can see what gun control did to crime rates in their State, and how mcuh gun control has cost them, the chances of a full Fascist style gun control drive have faded considerably. Considering that gun control is the longest consecutive series of “bloody failures in human history,” that is a very good thing.


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