CNN Sassy, That IS “Billions And Billions Killed

I see FNHA=CABLE’s daily whine is about the ‘too brief’ three day hold on a NICS check.

Essentially, the grip is that if the FBI can not make an instant decision on granting State permission to buy a gun, the FBI has three working days to update its database. Which brings humans into the background check process

And of course we all know the old saying that nothing is foolproof because fools are so ingenious.

Fortunately, the fact that less than one convicted criminal in 100 has ever ATTEMPTED to buy a gun from any legitimate source and less than thirty in one thousand Americans have any sort of criminal record. Making the odds of selling a gun to someone with criminal intent extremely low. But with some two million, out of almost 300 million, declined applications, there will be an exception.

So FNHQ digs up Ebenezer Baptist Church killer Dylan Roof. Roof had bee arrested – which is not a disqualifying offense, and parked in a “consolidated” city and county, jail. The admissions officer mistakenly marked a city arrest as a county arrest making Roof invisible to computerized searches.

Roof wants to buy a gun, which would have cost $150 from a pusher, but he is set up to pay $500 at a dealer. FBI agent keys in Dylan Roof’s personal information and promptly comes up with a conflict.

They have a record of Roof’s arrest – but no disposition. So FBI calls the jail, asking for disposition. The admission clerk, going by the information given them by the arresting ageny cannot find Roof because he is on the wrong list.

So the FBI, following the rules built inot the Brady Bill, releases int hold on the sale.

Yes, human error ar work. And who is to blame?

Dylan Roof? No, Dylan Roof is not to blame.

the arresting officer? No, he did his job.

the gun dealer? No, he complied with the letter of the law.

The admissions clerk who could not discover Roof bounced out of jail about as fast as hot spit bounces off a red hot stove element. No, he had the wrong information.

so who?

Why the National Rifle Association is responsible! And how did FNHQ discover that? Because when ATF was tring to interpret the Brady bill and craft regulations gun owners and dealers could live with, they called in an expert from the National Rifle Association to explain the facts of life.

That seems to be CNN’s first gun related whine of the day, but we can be sure there will be more before the sun sets on Honolulu.

With FNQ ascribing blame, the question becomes the more important on. It took less tha five minutes to find out why Dylan Roof was able to buy a gun. Most of that time was spent reading a newspaper entry that explains it all.

So If I could find the facts in less than five minutes, why could not that miserable excuse for a news source, the infamous FNHQ?


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