Clint Eastwood Explains Why He Contributes To Anti-Gun Causes

In this video clip actor Clint Eastwood, who, like his friend Paul Newman, has often given support to various gun control groups, explains his reasoning:

As Wikipedia puts it:

“He (Eastwood) has, however, approved of unemployment insurance, bail-outs for homeowners saddled with unaffordable mortgages, a continued American automobile industry, electric and hybrid cars, environmental conservation, land preservation, alternative energy, and gun control measures such as California’s Brady Bill.”

Somewhere in my files I have a note that Eastwood has given big money to HCI, and to other gun ban groups. His stated position, “If there is a gun around I want to control it,” is typical of celebrities.

And of course, trying to persuade such people that the gun owners are those whose perceptions match reality is usually an exercise in futility.


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