Climate,Arctic Sea Ice 8 Above Prediction

That is funny. Arctic sea ice extent came in at 8,528,000 Km2, which is close to expected. But several of the ice extent show anything from a sharp left turn and a much slower decline to a sharp left turn and a rise in Arctic sea ice extant. This on July 12, two months before minimum ice is supposed to occur.

Th Danish Center for Ocean and Ice shows a small decline in mean Arctic air temperature, but unless there is a really cold spot that has not shown up that is not sufficient to produce the observation. Meaning it is probably a technical glitch. Still, we owe it to ourselves to observe and record, since we cannot be sure of what is happening.

Otherwise, everything seems to be about the same as it was, a little cooler than expected, with local hot spots and nothing to get excited about.

I may as well start mentioning which have been conspicuous by their absence. The tropical low is still way out beyond the islands, and the NWS is ooking but does nto even have a predicted track.

Finally, for those who have not been keeping up, here is a ten year old item from Townhallasking the questions that were pertinent in th year of the “global Warming” debate. Thaanks to Wu Chang for the link, which brings back some old memories.


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