Climate: Paris Agreement Future Uncertain

FOX News the future of the Paris Climate agreement is ‘uncertain.’

In the simplest terms possible, the Paris signatoreis want the US, us, to pony up the lions share of at least sixteen trillion dollars to offset the carbon dioxide produce by volcanoes, tropical rain forests an, Asian power plants, and container ships.

No, I am not joking. This chart is from the NOAA climate survey, showing the most important sources of atmospheric CO2. The reds reflect higher CO2 releases, green low, and the bright blue, very little CO@ released.

That bright red dot spilling off the visible part on top is volcanic, and the oceans have a tinge of yellow from underwater volcanoes. The Amazon basin, the Congo basin, and the Asian ran forests are our planets primary sources of atmospheric CO2, followed by forests such those covering our heavily forested Appalachian mountains followed by grasslands such as North America’s great plains. But all those are natural, and there is not much we can do to reduce emissions from those sources without capping the volcanoes and destroying the vegetation that produces the observed CO@.

Human activity? Oh yes, there is human activity. We do not contribute much to atmospheric CO@, but if you look at the right side of the above the Asian rain forests, you will see a red blotch. That area is the primary source of human emissions of “greenhouse gases.” And there is no way at all that theWest can cut greenhouse gas emissions enough to offset that single red patch of man made pollution. None.

Not even if the warmists pushed the West back to the stone age.

So the Paris climate agreement,which could easily have the force of law if our leaders are not quite careful, should not be in limbo. It should be buried in a lead lined coffin.

And then we should get back to the work of persueding our friends in Asia to clean up the mess coming from their part of the world.


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