Claim: “Gun Buyback” Will Save Young Lives”

The New York Post makes the bold claim that a gun’buybacck’ will “Save young Lives.”

As many of outbreaks of “gun buybacks” as there are, if “buying back” a gun you never owned would reduce street violence, it would have done so somewhere by now. But a careful examination of the records show that “we will pay you X dollars for any gun you bring in no questions asked” campaign has had much the same effect as poouring gasoline o the fire at a marshmallow roast.

Which brings on a few more things. How do the promoters of this event stop thieves from stealign guns sold for scrap metal being turned in for the “buyback?”

For that matter, since most of these jokes are “no questions asked, what’s to stop a killer form turning in his murder weapons, each time getting enough to buy another “street gun?”

Whait is to stop aan elderlly woman in need of a few bucks from turning in a “Black 1911,” a WWII Schnellfurerer” Westlly Richards hand detachable lock drilling, or some other rarity worth a few years of her Social Security pittance for fractions of a penny on the dollar??????

The bottom line is simple enough. In general, gun “bubacks” do more harm than they do good.

Will a gun buyback keep young people safe? They have not done so in the past, sp O pwi;d ;ole tp see tje fao;ire pf [a gun buybacks explained before more instances of what is essentially a cheat occur.


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