Citizen 1, Police Zip; in a case of Police Misconduct With Illegal Entry

With a sweep of the Resistol to David Codrea’s War on Guns, I see times are definitely changing. A Holland, Michigan man who was arrested for “obstructing police” after they attempted to enter his home without a warrant has won his case.

Briefly quoting the ClickonDetroit report linked above:

In a 5-2 decision, the court ordered that charges be dropped against Angel Moreno Junior, a western Michigan man who was accused of obstructing officers at his home in Holland. The officers were looking for someone and tried to enter the home without a warrant.

Lower courts had upheld charges of resisting police, based on a 2004 Supreme Court decision, but justices on Friday said that case was wrongly decided.

I suspect public revulsion at the frequent excessive use of force and indiscriminate breaking and entering without either probable cause or a warrant had a great deal to do with this. The case of Corey Maye, for example, brought Mr. Maye an amazing amount of support when the facts came out, including support from those in the power structure.

While I generally like police officers and do not want to see anyone get hurt, it would be a really smart thing to take a lesson from this. Breaking down doors at random and putting the muscle on innocent bystanders will get someone killed. Just as it did in Mr. Maye’s case.


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