Chucky Schumer Has Lost His Smirk

Checking the general news first, I see his shutdown of the government as caused Chucky Schumer tp lose his patented smirk.

Now the photo on FOX News makes him look like a 90 year old farmer who has never worn a hat. He has enough canyons on that mug to furnish a good size planet. Schumer is so upset that things are not rolling his way he has left his false teeth somewhere, as well.

Chucky is used to playing with pols, who generally have not gotten out of the “I’ll take my marbles and go ome amd go home and you won’t have anyone to play with” stage. When he comes up against a President with a graduate degree from the School of Hard Knocks he is as lost as a penguin in Boston Harbor.

Oh well, Chucky is just a kid, born in 19500 something, as I recall so he has time to learn. I jsut wish he would not get schooled on our dime.

You do know that Chucky has a CCW – and does not want anyone else to have one. And despite pushing sixty he is still so immature he actually said, in public and on TV, Arizonans inferiro to Gothamites.


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