Chucky Doubles Down On Border Insecurity:”

Investors Business Daily reports Chucky has put his hard face on in defense of the Partei’s immigration extremism.

Briefly quoting the IBD report linked above:

When the Democratic leadership decided to shut down the government in an effort to force approval of DACA, they clearly thought the public would rally to their cause. They didn’t and three days later Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, realizing his mistake, caved without getting anything in return.

So now the extreme left in the Partei have their knickers in a twist over Chucky’s “sellout” on open borders, so Chucky’s trying to make a comeback on the issue; saying no deal after February 8 without an end to funding the border wall and throwing the borders open to anyone and everyone.

I do not believe that strategy will go over with the average voter any better than than Schumer’s Shutdown did. But we will see. And vote.


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