Chucky Calls For Chaos

Gun ban activist and New York Senator Chucky Schumer, unable to stop the tide of Americans sick to death of his borrow, print, tax, and blow economics and incessant demands for criminal protections, has called for chaos.

Briefly quoting the New York Post report linked above:

Well, guess what: It’s 2017, and Chuck Schumer is now threatening to shut down the federal government over, among other issues, immigration reform.

New York’s senior senator doesn’t like the fact that Republicans mean to insert provisions for border-wall funding and deportation of illegal immigrants in a must-pass bill to keep the government funded past April 28. So he’s threatening a filibuster to block passage — which would result in furloughing government employees, just like last time.

That’s Chucky, senior architect for the Democratic Partei, Senate minority leader, who would rather se a world full of chaos instead of acting in the interests of his constituents.

Well, his comeuppance is coming as well.


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