Chuckle! Jennifer Says It Is As Big As A Toaster

Jennifer at In Jennifers Head weighs her FNP45T carry gun and backup magazines and finds it weighs more than her toaster.

Michael's N-Frame Concealed Carry Holster

I can well believe that it does. Ammo is heavy even if a pistol is not. Of course, Jennifer’s husband Michael is the artisan in residence at The Holster Site, so there is less pain and strain involved in carrying more than five pounds of hardware around than there would be with a holster that does not distribute the weight as evenly. I don’t know what my Smith and Wesson Model 57 with three loaded speedloaders weighs, but I drop more than five and a half pounds on the balance beam scales when I take the rig off.

The pix on the left is me, 22 pounds ago, with Micheal’s N-Frame carry holster on Micheal’s indestructible belt. After the first fifteen minutes I forget I am wearing a concealed rig. But you can bet I will remember if it is needed.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Glad it is still serving you well

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