Chuckle: If you are, what can you do about it?

Scanning Steve Bartrin’s Newslert for the news the dalies missed, I cam across a picture of pulchritude headlined “It’s OK to be White.”

It had better be, since that item was determined about nine months before birth. And that fact is not like a name, which can be changed if you doon’t like the moniker your parents hung on you.

No, skin color is like the name on a proverbial bad check, U.R. Stuck. And criticizing folk for things they can neither change or cover up is uncivilized, rude, and uncouth.

And in actuallity, the Bible tells us we are all, every one of us, descended from a lady named Eve, who probably lived quite some time ago in a garden built for two called Eden.

Many dismiss that bit of history as a fable, but if we all ran down too the DNA lab, all six and a halv billion of us, and had our mitochondrial DNA checked, the lab would tell us we have a common ancestor, a lady who lived about 165,000 years ago.

Which means that every horse thief and every emperor who ever lived, along with every coward and every hero, is my cousin. And yours,

And so was the president who called Freedmen a long string of things, the most polite being “bandy legged” was a cpisom pf every freedman, and their wives and daughers. Just as is the celeb who says all paleface men should be killed is a distant cousin of every paleface man.

And it matters not one periods worth whether you are a paleface, black face, yellow face, or copper skin, if you walk the face of the earth on two legs, you are a cousin of every one you see.

“Do unto others as you would be don” is the good advice.

As is a Or, to paraphrase President Ronald Reagan, “trust, respect, but carry.”


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