Chuckle: I “Believe In Little Green Men In UFOS”

Someone left a comment accusing me of believing in little green men from Vega.

That blue giant would make an uncomfortable primary for a planet,and entirely too hot to live on.

But since I only believe what I see, and only ten percent or so of that, I do not believe in green men from anywhere – and while I have seen many things I could nto identify in the skies, I have litle faith in UFOlogy either.

But I did “meet an alien once. I was fishing and a grey anima came marching up the sandy verge paying me no attention at all.It turned out to be a possum with a very impressive set of teeth, and quite terrestrial,but tht was after I had abandoned my fishing pole.

More seriously, it is a mathematical certainty that intelligent alien life exists, and it is likely that such beings have fisited this planet. The legends of many peoples contain descriptions of space going life forms and the vessels they travel in.

But they are not around, domesticated animals pay no attention to a possible alien, and until I can trade communicaions with an entity that convincingly claims to be alien,I shall continue to abstain from the argument.


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