Christie Making Vice Presidential Noises

Politico reports New Jersey’s anti-gun governor is making ‘persuade me to be your vice president’ noises.

Briefly quoting the Politico item linked above:

“He might be able to convince me. He’s a convincing guy, but I really love this job. I really want to stay in this job” Christie said during a high school visit in Plainsboro Township, New Jersey.

New Jersey Violent Crime Rates 1960-2010

Given the number of American gun owners, and Christie’s record of both supporting and favoring strengthening New Jersey’s draconian gun laws, that would be a very stupid thing for Romney to do.

The graphic on the left shows the official 600% increase in New Jersey’s violent crime rate, starting 1n 1963, when the first gun control bill was introduced in Trenton. While even New Jersey has benefited from the Rearming of America, the actual decline is far less than other states.

Even the 11 percent decline in homicides, from 1993’s 418 to 2010’s 371, is unimpressive when New Jersey is compared to states such as Ohio that have slightly softened gun control laws. Homicide took the lives of 667 Ohioans in 1993, but that was down to 476 in 2010, a 28.6% decline.

The buck stops at the Governors desk. If Christie wants to spare his constituents the tremendous burden of crime he will attempt to repeal New Jersey’s gun control laws. And until he does so he is unsuitable for any national office.


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