WBEZ asks “how many times does an American defend themselves with a gun.”

I could answer that briefly and accurately by saying “Between 5,500 and and one million times a year.” On the other side of that coin, the gun ban lobbies hold that only “shots fired with effect” count as self defense. On the other hand the act of showing a perpetrator a gun, and driving him off without further violence constitutes an act of self defense. So there is a vast range of disagreement.

If yoiu consult the FBI’s sister agecy, The Bureau of Justice Statistics for6 you will find most attempted crimes are not considered serious enough to report the aggression to the police.

Independent surveys, which take passive self defense into considertion, peg the total number of attempted crimes for 2016 at 875,000 attempted gun related crimes, 420,000 attempted gun crimes reported to police and approximately 270,000 completed criminal victimizations for a total of of 605,000 successful uses of firearms for self defense, with the gun owners actions ranging between displaying a weapon to putting holes in a few thousand perpetrators who were unwilling to comply with a citizens lawful order.

Further, some of the gun ban lobbys claim that self defense from lethal attacks number less than 13,000 a year, and the number of those who used a firearm to defend themselves number only about 1,500.

The numbers are all over the lot, with reality all too ofteen depending on what the “expert” says they are.

But here is what the experts at the Bureau of Justice Statistics say has happened to gun crimes sucessfully committed since 1993, when there were more than 1.5 million gun crimes, and 785,ooo of those were reported to the police:

That is quite a reduction in crimes successfully committed in a period when gun crime was reportedly soaring. Of course, the gun ban lobbies usually find truth extremely inconvenient.

And finally, here is a chart from the Criminal Victrimization Survey for 2009, which is now out of print. Unfortunately, Obama’s AG, Eric Holder, had thi chart omitted in the second edition. The facts about violent crimes committed, crimes reported to the police, arrests, andd so on are quite plain:

In particular, the rate of decline in gun crimes after gun laws were relased beginning in 1992 is spectacular, and gives tghe lie to the claim that more gun in civilian hands means more violent crime. And that is a very large whopper indeed.


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