Chicago Tribune Refuses To Admit City’s Gun Control Problem

For the chuckle of the morning, the chuckle headed Chicago Tribune has gotten all bent and peevish over President Donald J. Trump’s citing Chicago as an example of gun control.

The truth hurts, it not, Bunkie?

But those of us with tens of thousands of hours investigating the causes of Chicago’s high crime rates are forced to the same conclusion. Gun control, which disarms the law abiding and enables the violent, is the problem.

For its population and demographics, Chicago should have a homicide rate much the same as Philadelphia, or approximately 18 per 100,000 population. Instead, Chicago had a 2016 police reported homicide rate of 29, and individual counts by scanner monitors suggest the true homicide rate was 33.5.

Because of that gun control you love so much.

for those who would like an analysis, search for “Bloody Chicago” and there are several in the last 24 months.


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