Chicago, The City Democrats Built

If you are a regular Alley reader you have probably noticed videos of Chicago residetns, who do NOT LIKE LIVINGF LIKE THAT. Most Chicago residents want out, but lack either a destination or the resources to get out. But if yoiu have not noticed that, scroll down a few posts to yesterday, and take those young Chicago residents who live in the world’s largest free fire zone really think of their situation.

for the moment, take my owrd for it, because the facts are there. Except for the fortunate few Chicagoans hate the place, and would leave it if -babysmama’s mama would let her go- he/she knew they could get a job in Houston- they had friends or relaitves who could orient them there – and a thousnad other reasons.

so mcuh is known about the where the crime of sitting on the porch can get you killed. The question is how this situation ocurred. That story starts in the late years of the 18th Century, when the “temperance movement” proposed a national prohibition on the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. A measure that was ratified and became law in 1919, Abd a kaw tgat turned America into a nation of lawbreakers.

Considered strictly as a law, Prohibition was a success. Not a single lawbook was seen to consume an alcoholic beverage after the 19th Amendment was ratified. Or before it was ratified, either.

But what prohibition was something else entirely. Thousands of Americans turned to producing ersatz gin, schmapps, and other forms of tipple, while high powered racing boats ran branded whskies across the Great Lakes from Canada to Chicago’s hot spots. spots largely controlled by various crime gangs such as the Capone mob.

When “Doughboys” went to war, they left those unsuitable for service carefully watching ladies stepping on and off streetcars, hoping for a well turned anke.

When they returned from the killing fields of France, they found the girl next door not only exposing her ankle, but her kne! And much else that had been customarily covered since we lost our covering of fur.

In short, Prohibition made Cornwallis tune of choice on his surrender to General Washington, The World Turned Upside Down” seem entirely appropriate for the times.

And after that Partty cam the hangover. Made worse by Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt trying to cure a hangover with more of what caused it.

With tat, and setting the time machine back 85 years, it becmes Chicago, 133. when national homicide rate and Chicago’s homicide rate were essentially the same, hovering around 10.5 per 100,000 population.

Chicago’s last Republican Mayor, William Thompson, had left office two years before, making way of Anton Cermak, was assassinated in Miami, making way for another Democrat, Edward Kelley.

Chicago’s reputation as a “mob town” was firmly established, with the Saint Valentines Day Massacre, with the last mass murder commited with machine guns 5 years in the rear views. And the link between the Democratic Party, increasingly infiltrated by “Progressives” who now called themselves “Liberal,” and the mob were becoming stronger.

Illinois had laws against concealed carry and when those were no longer generally enforced by ignoring them.

Over the next thirty years, crime, violent crime, and murder rates all generally remained colse to or only a little higher than the national average – with the exception of some black market turf wars during WWII. That was a period when someone with a new pair of nylon stockings could ask their won price and get it. A time when three pair of nylons would provide enough to pay for a ticket to LA, meals, and the equivalent of a week’s pay for a two day trip.

And Kelley gave way to Martin Kennely who gave way to the first Daley, Richard J. Daley, who ruled his fiefdom from 1955 to 1976, a 21 year span in which connectins between the Democratic Party pols and the mob became ever closer.

Daley was followed by another Democrat, Michael Bilandic, and Jane Byrne, who signed an almost total gun ban. Byrne made way Harold Washington, followed by for Davud Orr, who served only a part of a term, followed Eugene Sawyer, the other Daley, Richard M., and finally by Rahm Emanuel.

Anto Cermak found a city with problems cause by a weak economy. All the the problems that beset Chicago were approved by one or another of the Democratic mayors who have held he office of mayor since Bill Thompson stepped down 85 years in ouir rear view mirror.

The average working stiff would be gone if there were any assurance of a better future elsewhere. And the highbinders running Chicago are perfectly happy seeing their backside leaving.

Why? Like the old song says, Munny Hunny. If all the working class moves out, they can puck up square miles of real estate for the price of a three room shotgun house in Gary.

and who will do all the work? The slaves. The people who are pinned in chicago for one reason or another, and who msut work for whatever is offered, and the rich elite, who fattened on the fruits of others sweat.

In short, the people who are running Chicago into the ground now.


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