The Chicago Sun Times reports Corporation Counsel Mara Georges said it is “critical to public safety” to limit the number of handguns in Chicago.

Briefly quoting the Sun Times:

“One handgun is sufficient for self-defense. We believe that a limitation on the number of handguns to one-per-person-per-residence would be consistent with Supreme Court” rulings overturning handgun bans in Chicago and Washington D.C., Georges told the City Council’s Police Committee.”

“Limiting the number of handguns to one-per-person would reduce the number of handguns in circulation, reduce the ability of people to act as straw purchasers of handguns for others who are not entitled to possess handgun and reduce the number of handguns that would be available to children in the home.”

Bluntly, Chicago already has more handguns than people. Most of those have been “boosted,” stolen, a few have been legally purchased outside the city, and some were never registered or the registration has been allowed to lapse. Chicago’s problem is in no way the remnant population, or the legally purchased guns.

The problem is the career criminals weapons of choice, the untraceable stolen guns. And a one gun per person limit will do absolutely nothing to address Chicago’s violent crime problem. That problem is largely a result of Frank Roti’s Chicago gun laws and Illinois’ FOID idiocy. Like every other restrictive gun law, these laws sent violent crime through the roof.

While limits on legally owned products have been tried, the courts have repeatedly overturned them. So what Corporation Counsel Mara Georges is proposing will merely cost Chicago more money, more crime, more violence, and more ridicule.

The rational course of action is to let it drop. The Supreme Court has ruled, so forget it and let the people get back to the business of keeping their own property crime free.


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