Chicago: “It Ain’t Safe Over here At All”

There is no secret that Chicago has a gun control problem. Crime was level, homicide was well below the mean for major U.S. Cities, and Chicago was confidently looking to2aard welcoming its four millionth resident.

Then in 1963 an agreement to start a campaign to outlaw mail order guns was begun by an industry concerned about “residual paymnets for airing repeated performances of a finished work. Payment for TV reruns, and all heck broke loose. That campaign did not take fire in Springfield until 1967 and the passage of Illinois FOID Act which gave served as permission to purchase and gun owner registration.

The chart below begins in 11960, just to the right of the center of the chart posted above:

As you can see, the primariy impact of the FOID Act, along with the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 was to steepen the rate of increase in all forms of crime.

Various changes to the law, including an end to ammunition purchaser registration, resulted in an equilibrium between street guns and crime, with essentially no guns to opose stolent streeeet guns which lasted until 1982, when Mayor Jane Byrne signed alderman and “made man” Fred Roti’s almost total ban on privately owned firearms in the city.

The ffirst spike marks the imposition of that ban, but Chicago’s gang members had the cclout to get the gangs back in line. But a fresh influx of drugs triggered a second spike in Chicago’s violnce – and some wite shirted dim-bulb arrested all of Chicago’s gang leaders.

Leaderless, gangs that were once on amicable terms, if they were not really friendly suddenly started randomly killing other gang members.

The BBC has an excellent overvew of the current situation in Chicago. Watch it, and particularly watch the driver of the gold van’s reaction as a gang member walks toward the van.

According to a young man seeking reuge from Chicago in town, and hob hunting, what you see in the BBC video is very close to the way things actually are in Chicago. A pesthole with gun control.

So yes, Chicago is now a city of 2.8 million and it is obvious it will never gain that four millionth resident. Unless you count rats.

And the only legislation that has solved the problems of cties turned war znes are the measures I support here.

Give citizens back their right to defend themselves, and crack down on the trafficking stolen “street guns.”

That will take either congressional action to outlaw the restrictive pro-crime laws that are causing every American city and State problems – or to resort to the direct tactics of “the days of 49″ and let the ccommittees of Vigilance,” the vigilantes, handle the lawless pols who

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