Chicago Is Determined To Restore The Laws That Caused The Problem

Back when I often tramped from Lemont to the loop, crime rates were negligible, with a homicide rate of less than 8 per 100,000 population. The gun control raised its ugly head, and Chicago was jut another American city where things went to -Well!

If you brows the osts, you will find charts of all 50 American states, and a number of major cities. They all show the same thing.

Hollywood’s gun control campaign began in earnest on January 1, 1664. The crime rates headed skyward, and the rte increased after Federal gun laws were imposed in 1968.

Here’s the American homicide rate from 1950 showing the last 13 years of the long slow decline in homicide rates resulting from relaxed enforcement of gun laws – followed by the explosive increases in crime and murder rates that have invariably followed the imposition of restrictive gun laws.

Well, Illinois has joined the U.S and the only thing holding the violent crime rate up is Chicago’s drug trafficking. Soe 12 year old ‘hitta” gets orders to off a member of some other gang in an intimidation hit, and the Trib reports another one.

And instead of working to fixx the problem, the City Council wants more of the poison that is killing their city:

“More of the hair of the dog” is not the way to cure a hangover, and it is not the way to reduce the crime rate.

It is time for President Donald J. Trump to declare Martial Law in the pest hole on the lake, and restore full civil rights including gun rights to all Chicago residents who are not self disqualified.


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