Chicago: Fireworks For The Fourth – 5 Shot Dead, 27 Wounded, 3 Days To Go In The Gun Free Paradise

But there are no murders in Arkansas’ headlines.

The Chicago Sun Times reports a typical start to a weekend in Chicago, where guns are banned unless you are a Chicago Alderman named Mell. So far the banging weekend has produced at least five shot dead, with 27 wounded.

In the meantime, in the heavily armed State of Arkansas, where people can tote a gun any way that pleases them, this mornings headlines do not mention a single new murder. Motorcycle fatalities down by 45%, a lady got a surprise visit from the stem cell donor who saved her life, a suspect was arrested in a May murder, two more children have drowned in backyard pools, and life goes on in well armed Arkansas.

While the citizens of gun free – except for Aldermen named Mell – Chicago have little to celebrate except death.


Updated, 8 July, 2013: As of Noon, July 8, with the four day weekend behind us the confirmed totals are 13 dead, 74 wounded, and “several” critical in that Shooting Gallery by the Lake called Chicago.


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14 Responses to Chicago: Fireworks For The Fourth – 5 Shot Dead, 27 Wounded, 3 Days To Go In The Gun Free Paradise

  1. Nick says:

    Over 500 homicides in Chicago last year, only 25% have been solved and 2013 is already out-pacing that. 42 murders in January 2013 alone. Seems the “Gun-Free” mayors plan has backfired severely. The man is corrupt and discusting and needs to go. The anti-gun lobby needs to back off too. These statistics show what happens when you disarm the people. The criminals will never, ever be disarmed. This proves that.

  2. Nick says:

    Ronnie says:
    True, but who cares if it is black, white, asian or whatever. A human life is above all the most important to sustain and respect.

  3. dave says:

    Liberals must suffer from brain damage or something. Or, perhaps they are just MENTALLY ILL. The stats of considerably LESS crime where there are conceil carry laws for firearms, these stats do NOT lie !!!!!! And, it’s pure, simple LOGIC that when honest citizens MAY have a gun, the F*CKING thugs definately think twice before attacking a stranger on the street. It’s a NO BRAINER that that will be the case. Thus, when there are conceil carry laws, crime DROPS. Period. Apparently, however, those *SSHOLES who run Chicago ARE brain damaged or just MENTALLY ILL, because they just DON’T GET IT. Those CLOWNS (the Mayor, police officials, city council membrs, etc.) are UNFIT for their positions and should be VOTED OUT or FIRED as soon as posible. The longer these idiots are in power, the more Chicago will degenerate into a 3rd world WAR ZONE !!!!!

  4. Stranger says:

    Chicago is a criminal enterprise, run for the benefit of the gangs, the mob, the corrupt contractors, the equally corrupt unions, and the Chicago political machine. A late 19th Century New Yorker would say Chicago “out Tammany’s Tammany Hall,” referring to Gotham’s notorious political machine.

    But in general “progressives,” as gun control activists prefer to be called, are ignorant of numbers, unable to drag their minds out of their accustomed ruts, and derisive of those who can. Arguing with a cow progressive is an exercise in futility.



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