Chavez Report,

Those of us who have been watching the situation in Venezuela deteriorate may be interested in a report from the invaluable Fausta’s Blog.

It is Fausta’s report, and as always Fausta leaves little unsaid. So I will only suggest you hit the link – and add that Chavez’ combination of Marxian enthusiasm and overall stupidity have handed a really nice bunch of people the world’s highest violent crime rates. Not because of narco-trafficking or public corruption, but simply to continue to live. Whether or not Chavez apparent departure for that reserved front spit in Satan’s* eternal barbecue will help the situation or not remains to be seen. But it cannot make the situation any worse.

Also noted at Fausta’s Blog, a post with a link to the Diplomad that is well worth consideration. I don’t think those are Obama’s elephants, though. More like Obama’s Hainosaurians. (see mososaur)


* The fortune telling lady says The Old One resembles Chucky Schumer with bulls horns. An interesting concept, if there ever was one.


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