Charlottesville: Who Did What To Who And Why?

UPDATE Breotbart comes through, identifying yesterday’s conservatives as as “Antifa,” anti-Fasciss, who reportedly would not avoid a Donnybrook.[end]

This time yesterday morning it was “A group of Conservatives protesting the removal of a Confederate monument have concuded the first day of a two day protest without incident.

Yesterday afternoon it was “Black Lives Matter Protestors Have Arrived At The Protest Site.”

Last night is ws ‘Cr drives into a group of protestors, killing 1, injuring 19

And this morning it is ‘”Trump — once again — fails to condemn white supremacists An

There are only two things definite. The first is that some group organized a protest against wiping out history. Whether that history is good, bad, or indifferent is irrelevant, expunging history insures a repetition of that history.

The second thing is that George Soros is funding the “counter protest.” Something that is never a good thing, unless you like Fascism.

Otherwise, the situation is as clear as mud. Except that the media is going out of its way to show us how they make the news instead of the newsworthy


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